Do you have fading and damaged photos? Restore these precious memories back to their original glory. Age, dust, scratches, and water are but a few ways that your favorite photos may be lost. We use digital retouching to repair almost any kind of damage, including cracks, tears, water damage, mold spots, discoloration, and red eye.

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Want to make an event memorable? We take into account how the music matches with the photos, what transitions should be used, and how best to present each photo on the screen. We also apply artistic techniques such as pans and zooms

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Are your home videos deteriorating? Preserve them while there is still time! Transfer your VHS tape, VHS-C, Hi-8 or Mini-DV, to DVD or hard-drive. We always transfer to a computer at maximum quality where we can edit out blank stretches and clean the signal (if possible) to produce the best results.

orlando wedding videographer
Photo Restoration
Media Transfers
DVD Photo Slideshow
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