Yinka + Curtis Wedding Highlight | New Shiloh Christian Center | Eau Gallie Yatch Club | Indian Harb

Yinka and Curtis met at Florida Institute of Technology. They had mutual friends and were acquantances, however, when Curtis would cut his hair , Yinka would have no clue who he was because it made him look so different. One day, Curtis was waving at her, she walked up to him and said, "I didnt recognize you with your haircut!" And they haven't stopped talking ever since! Curtis and Yinka were just friends for quite some time, although Curtis would have to plug his flirty pick up lines on occassion. For example, Yinka recieved flowers for Valentines day from a friend and Curtis says, "I see you're cheating on me already!". Curtis also would see Yinka walk pass his classroom and his pick up line would be "You should come on a flight with me!" Yinka was not taking him seriously! It wasn't until one night Curtis overheard Yinka was going to the school party so he called out of work to go. At the party they hit it off, Yinka was very happy to see him and that's when he finally asked her out on a real date! Not too long after that Curtis won a poetry contest names "Flowers" that he decicated to Yinka, in front of her mother! By the end of the semister the couple was 'official'!

.... According to Curtis he was stalked by Yinka but of course we all know that is not true!

Ceremony: New Shiloh Christian Center

Reception: Eau Gallie Yatch Club

Photographer: Jesse Giles Photography

#eaugallieyatchclub #highlight #melbourne

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