Neda + Kian Persian Wedding Highlight | Buena Vista Palace | Lake Buena Vista, FL

How many people can actually say they married their childhood crush? That's Neda and Kian! They met in Toronto when Neda was just 10 years young and Kian 13! She would catch him staring at her but didnt think too much of it. Neda being in Toronto for a short visit with family didn't get to see Kian again until many years later when she was 15, Kian 18. Kian and Neda's cousin were best friends and one day they were all out shopping together during Kian's visit to Orlando. In passing Neda mentioned a gold ring she had her eye on and to her surprise Kian had bought it for her! It wasn't until then she thought maybe he felt the same way! His vacation ended and they parted ways but of course they never forgot one another! Many years passed as Neda was in her second year as a medical student in PA, she recieved and odd text message, it said, " Khofi khoshele?"

("How are you beautiful?") Neda had no idea who it was! A few minutes into the text she realized it was Kian! They talked, texted and been together ever since! <3

Venue: Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa

Photographer: Tab McCausland Photography

#weddinghighlight #buenavistapalace #lakebuenavista

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