Daniel + Brianna Wedding Highlight | Vero Beach Hotel & Spa | Vero Beach, FL

Daniel and Brianna met during Brianna's freshman year of college at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL in August, 2006. They soon became very close and were best friends for four years. They had a very close and unique connection. No one quite gets Brianna like Daniel does.

In fall 2010 they lost touch and soon after, Brianna moved to Nashville, TN. Brianna missed her friend, as they were in very different places, both geographically and in their lives in general. In June of 2013, Daniel reached out to Brianna on Facebbook and they reconnected! It was as if no time had passed and their friendship started back full force! This time, however, there was something more there!

They quickly developed feelings for one another and before Brianna knew it, she was in head over heels for this man. Daniel and Brianna pursued their relationship long distance for a short while, and in December 2013 they took a chance and Daniel moved to Nashville.

On May 3, 2014, on a normal Saturday afternoon, Brianna's best friend, and the love of her life asked her to spend the rest of her life, with him! And of course, said YES.

Venue: Vero Beach Resort and Spa

Photographer: Matthew Braithwate

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