Courtney + Dakota Wedding Highlight | Porcher House | Cocoa, FL

The Proposal: Dakota had planned a “date night” for the two of them to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While Courtney was getting ready, her roommate came into her room and handed her a handful of letters. The first letter explained the scavenger hunt she was supposed to follow before reaching her final surprise. Each clue took her to a specific place on their campus that has special meaning forshe and Dakota. Once Courtney arrived at each location there would be another letter waiting to be opened, to explain why Dakota felt that place was so special. The last clue led Courtney to the fountain in front of the Business School at Campbell where Dakota was waiting for her. He then poured out his heart and asked her to be his wife. Courtney's response was, of course, "YES"!

Venue: Porcher House

Photographer: Kati Rosado Photography

Entertainment: Blue Skies Entertainment

#weddinghighlight #porcherhouse #cocoa

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