Terrance + Yahira Wedding Highlight | Discover Life Church | Melbourne, FL

How they met: In 2001, Yahira and Terrance used to work for the same company. Yahira chose a different career path in 2003 and later that year they bumped into each other at Melbourne's Downtown Halloween Festivial, Meg-O-Ween. It was shortly after they fell deeply in love. The couple had split in 2006 but always knew in their hearts that there was something special they shared. After 6 years apart Terrance and Yahira ran into one another at a restaurant and that's when time stood still for the both of them! They reconnected in 2012 and decided to try the relationship again. They got engaged on February 14, 2015.

And now here they are, married!

Ceremony: Discover Life Church

Reception: REALTOR Conference Center

Photography: Jeff Carr Photography

Entertainmement: Celebrations DJ

#realtorconferencecenter #weddinghighlight #discoverlife

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